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Marriage Expiration – Best before 10 years

Posted by lexforiphilippines on January 12, 2010

A partylist group came up with a proposal that marriages should have an expiry period of 10 years to spare incompatible couples from the hassles of annulment or legal separation. According to the partylist group, the marriage license should carry an expiry period like those of the passport and the driver’s license. Failure to renew the license would automatically end the union.

If we are going to equate marriage with a driver’s license, can we then take the future spouse for a test drive? That way, both persons will be spared from having to go through renewing or not renewing the expirable marriage license and save them money from holding the costly marriage ceremony.

Supposing that marriage will expire in ten years, what will happen to the property relations after 10 years? the validity of contracts entered into by the spouses jointly? Do we liquidate the properties, terminate valid contracts, and tell the children to expect lesser legitimes in the event one or both their parents remarry and have additional children?

In all probability, the partylist group is just generating sound bites for its foray in the political arena (notice that I did not place its name here?) and is not really serious in proposing such a measure.  Otherwise, it is an additional reason why partylist representation in Congress should be scrapped.



27 Responses to “Marriage Expiration – Best before 10 years”

  1. nej said

    i am very much agree with this proposal,in favor to those battered wife ,to those marriage that are no longer working,to the couple that are no longer communication for how many years…people that can’t afford to spend for annulment,as if their life is becoming miserable knowing that they don’t have any choice,no more freedom at all,trapped with the past,forever!

  2. Jeremy Gail said

    i think the problem here is the policy of the expiration itself and not the idea of marriage expiration.
    how about the children? how about the properties. if the marriage was declared null and void by this expiration, does it mean that they have no more responsibility to the children. actually 10 years is actually too long for,,, how about those buttered women or abused children? are they still going to wait before their marriage , before going out of that hellish married life? is it not, ineffective and not a really solution of the society.??? Maybe if the person will be married again with the same person, that is the time that those couple can renew it faster. compared in marrying again, but with another person. … hmmm so it would be a great idea, and may be a great policy, if it is though given more restriction. this would be very good for all

  3. raquelbuyagawan said

    why do we people make thing complicated in passing a bill like that even if we say annulment is expensive why if this bill will b implemented are the Filipinos is sure that renewing marriage after 10 years is not expensive also, lets think the other people that are poor and married, what if they have no money to use to renew their license? so there marriage will be null just because they did not renew their marriage license,their family will just b destroy because of a bill that other implemented

  4. Corrine Sugue said

    In my opinion, It’s an interesting idea but I agree with Tim the 10 years expiration time is too long if the purpose of this proposal is for those not-so-good-together Marriage couple not to file Annulment anymore. Will they still have to wait 10 yrs for their marriage to be declared as nulled? I don’t think they are willing to wait that long.

    Another thing is, if this proposal will pursue as Law in the Philippines, it will only be abused by abusive married couple out there and who are the ones greatly affected? the children..So, for those people behind this proposal, think about it a thousand times.

  5. jakie said

    what happened to this proposal? guys easy!maybe some of us are not agree with this but can you actuali think if those people who are suffering with their bad relationship with their husbans and wives? i guess this proposal will helped those people who are unhappy with their married life to be free..in reality we can see most of unhappy relationship they rather choose to have “third party” than to go to a annulment..right?what is the reason beyond??lack of money!fyi:im not yet married but when i sat down and realized man cheating her wife or vise versa it would be more difficult not for them but for their kids..when one of them caught having a third party,they will be separated after the separation they will fight fir the coustody of their kids..why us filipino are so closed minded with the reality?? being happy is not a crime..but being unfaithfull is a mortal sin.. -THIS MSG.WAS WRITTEN BY A GIRL WHO CAME FROM A BROKEN FAMILY

  6. for people who agree on this proposal may have reasons like they aren’t happy on their married life…
    they can’t choose to stay on a relationship that which they ain’t happy anymore…
    but what if they have children?
    will they choose their happiness or their children’s???

    • vick said

      I agree on the proposal. we’ve been married for eleven years now but since 2007 our relationship starting to shake. I can’t take it anymore… nakakasawa na! small things can make it worse lalo pa at walang pakiramdam ang asawa mo.

      But I am worried about my kid…. I know this will affect his studies… for now, I feel that… nagsasama na lang kami dahil sa bata…
      I think, this is the right time to file but how, how much and to whom?

  7. rose said

    why do you need to have such proposal? can you give me some reasons that will support that this proposal can be a help to couples?

  8. nemerose said

    what are the benefits of that proposal?
    i think, girls are miserable in that case.
    hope you could give me the benefits on putting an expiration date on marriage.
    thanks a lot.

  9. Neth said

    lol…that’s funny actually,maybe the person or group who proposed that is a kinda uneducated with the bible!!!maybe they are,but you need comprehension!!!

    • mike_finn said

      so so true. i agree.

      Why do they need to make a bill that would go against the preamble of our constitution about asking for help from God Almighty??

      if they have a problem with their marriage, slow down and see first if he or she is the right spouse for you!

  10. yum said

    is this already an implemented law?

  11. Mar Rivera said

    How can you possibly think of undermining the sacred holy matrimony? If you are bitter on something, leave the sanctity of marriage alone…it will be a ground for further corruption not only to the people but also of women.

  12. Andrew Blanton said

    Good post. Really interesting

  13. Thanks for the good information.

  14. This is a very cool article, I could not have agreed more.

  15. Tim Oporto said

    It’s not really a bad idea, but ten years could be too late. I think, the first three years should have a clause like , “option to terminate”. Looking into every angle concerned, there won’t be much burden then. How many children can you have in three years? How much money can you make in three years? The first three years is sufficient enough time to know each other, if you are living under one roof.


    • aya said

      nice respond. i like it.

    • labz said

      yeah..you’re right…ten years is too late..

      • avery castillo said

        yeah.. 10 years would be too late.. when the couple hadn’t been living for sometime already, there should be a rule like end of contract or something, because sometimes, even if they want to get married again with a different people, they’ll have to go through the annulment stuff. but what if they’re not financially capable of undergoing that annulment thing, then, they’ll end up doing things which is more prohibited by our law.

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  17. […] for Lex Fori Philippines, Oscar underscores the impact of this proposal on property relations. If we are going to equate marriage with a driver’s license, can we then take the future spouse […]

  18. […] for Lex Fori Philippines, Oscar underscores the impact of this proposal on property relations. If we are going to equate marriage with a driver’s license, can we then take the future spouse […]

  19. […] for Lex Fori Philippines, Oscar underscores the impact of this proposal on property relations. If we are going to equate marriage with a driver’s license, can we then take the future spouse […]

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