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Republic Act No. 9999, “Free Legal Assistance Act of 2010”

Posted by lexforiphilippines on March 8, 2010

Lawyers or law partnerships wishing to render free legal aid are now entitled to claim tax benefits for doing pro bono work.

Last February 23, 2010, the President signed into law the Free Legal Assistance Act of 2010 giving a lawyer or professional partnerships rendering actual free legal services, an allowable deduction from the gross income, the amount that could have been collected for the actual free legal services rendered or up to ten percent (10%) of the gross income derived from the actual performance of the legal profession (service?), whichever is lower. However, the actual free legal services contemplated shall be exclusive of the minimum sixty (60)-hour mandatory legal aid services rendered to indigent litigants as required under the Rule on Mandatory Legal Aid Services for Practicing Lawyers, under BAR Matter No. 2012, issued by the Supreme Court.

The BIR is mandated to formulate within 90 days the necessary revenue regulation to implement the tax benefit envisioned under the Act.


2 Responses to “Republic Act No. 9999, “Free Legal Assistance Act of 2010””

  1. Isgoshie said

    May silbi ba ang batas na ito o kaya dagdag obligasyon lang para sa mga abogado? sinong author nito – matalino kaya? May free ba talagang serbisyo sa ngayon? – Lahat nga kahit hindi nakikita ay merong tax. Nagawa nya nabang maging abogado at magsunog ng kilay o buong mukha o insultuhin ng mga professors ng law school? Sa kanya kaya galing ang pambayad ng napakamahal na tuition fee at libro? Siya kaya maghirap sa pagiging abogado, maipasa nya kaya? Diyos lang nakakaalam bo-boy!

  2. elfeujun m. sampaga said

    Free legal assistance is badly needed to the poor people. Public Attorneys should help them without heavy payment. As I can see, Public Attorneys are holding the cases of citizens that have enough funds longer and they never hold cases to citizens with no money at all. As I know they are given enough salary every month from the government. It is heart braking to hear that some attorney hold cases longer until such time the fellow citizens run out of money. My father said a story, “An attorney holds a case until his son graduated law, when the time came that his son graduated and passed the bar exam, his son told his father that he wanted to hold the case of his father that did not end for years, so his father allowed him to hold the case. His son manage to end the case in a shorter time and winning it for the client, then he said to his father, ‘Father, I am more competent that you, I manage to finish and win the case you hold for years in a short time’. then his father slap him in the face, ‘you are incompetent! you wasted the case that helped you to finish your law!” I hope that with this act it will, perhaps be eliminated.

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