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Laws and Implementing Regulations

Salient features of the Anti Torture Act of 2009. Anti Torture Act

Executive Order No. 2 Recalling, Withdrawing, and Revoking Appointments Issued by the Previous Administration in Violation of the Constitutional Ban on Midnight Appointments and for Other Purposes.Executive Order No.2

Executive Order No. 1 Creating the Philippine Truth Commission. Executive Order No.1

Implementing Rules of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 as issued by the DSWD. Implementing Rules – Expanded Senior Citizens Act

Salient features of Republic Act No. 10021 .Exchange of Information on Tax Matters

Implementing Rules of the Real Estate Investment Trust Act Implementing Rules – Real Estate Investment Trust

♦ Salient features of Republic Act No. 10029 “Philippine Psychology Act of 2009. Psychology Act _Salient Features_

Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases (A.M. No. 09-6-8-SC). See salient features here. rules-environmental cases-summary

Revenue Regulations No. 3-2010. Requiring a Statement of Management Responsibility as attachment to the Annual Income Tax Return to be filed by taxpayers.rr_3_2010

Republic Act No 9994 “Expanded Senior Citizen Act of 2010”. For the salient features of the law, click on the link. expanded seniors citizen act-summary

Republic Act No. 9646 ” Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines”

Click on the link for the outline of the law. Outline – RA 9646 – _Real Estate Service_

Republic Act No. 9653 “Rent Control Law”

Click on the link for the salient features of the law. summary – RA 9653 _Rent Control_

Republic Act No. 9729 “Climate Change Act of 2009”

Click on the link for a quick study guide of the law. RA 9729- climate change act

♦Republic Act No. 9856 “An Act Providing the Legal Framework for Real Estate Investment Trust and for Other Purposes” (REITS law)

Click on the link  for a quick study guide of  Republic Act No. 9856. reits-guides


3 Responses to “Laws and Implementing Regulations”

  1. Please help me investigate the laws and civil cases involving Slander, Libel, defamation. Thanks


    Dear Sir/Mam,

    My mother is 73 years old and is living in an island of Lahuy, Oring, Caramoan, Camarines Sur. Our place remote as it is, is blessed to have so many senior citizens. PLease tell us how they could avail at least of P500.00 monthly pension. MOst of them may never been diagnosed or cared by a doctor and or never been into a hospital for check up, laboratories etc, never been into a moviehouse, never had the chance to eat in a restaurant or fastfood, never seen what LRT and MRT looks like, and or may never had the chance to know what computer is all about.

    Sir/Mam, i am speaking in behalf of them. Let’s tel them that our government does not want them to be neglected. That our government is extending effort to have them enjoy their remaining life. PLease help us and let us know how these promised help/blessing could reach them without so many technicalities that used to be the alibi of some government authorities.

    We want to hear from you Sirs, Mam.

    Thank you.

    nanding garvida
    oring, caramoan, camarines sur

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